Welcome to my nature photography website. Here you will find a good sampling of my work over the past 11 years, with more to come as I continue to follow my passion! =) Having been born and raised in Florida, my love and appreciation for our natural surroundings began long before I picked up the camera. Photography has given the means to express the essence of what is magical about the day. At the end of college at Florida State in 2007, I took an elective course on Photography, and haven’t put down the camera since! I was inspired to further study Photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Since then my experience has been in varied genres of photography, from short film set photography to events to portraits to weddings, all of which our natural surroundings provides a beautiful backdrop. Nature is my passion and is what inspires my love for photography. Much of my photography work I attribute to words that have provided great inspiration to me. I feel as though a picture is a poem without words, and nature I feel is this beautiful masterpiece, and I love to capture the elemental pizazz of what I like to call the days art. If there is such thing as a metaphysical photographer, I feel as though I am one. Life seems to be a sort of metaphysical experience. According to wikipedia, "metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest terms:
1. Ultimately, what is there?
2. What is it like?”

My favorite type of photography is macro photography, the up close! I love that. Every little element that makes up the art of the day, is this simple, magical moment. I love to capture the personalities of each thing I encounter. A series of whimsical moments that leaves me wanting to discover more. I love to get lost in the beauty of the day… and see what I find! 

I love how Ansel Adams, one of the best nature photographers of our time, described the         magic of a moment:
"It is all very beautiful and magical here - a quality which cannot be described. You have to live it and breathe it, let the sun bake into you. The skies and the lands are so enormous, and the detail so precise and exquisite that wherever you are you are isolated into a glowing world between the macro and the micro, where everything is sidewise under you and over you, and the clocks stopped long ago.”

Check out my portfolios to see what I’ve discovered on my journey, and if you would like to purchase prints, you can check out my store!